Terms & Conditions for Grass Roots Referral Program:

The Grass Roots Referral Program offered by Colton Woods Horsemanship Video Library is a sign up service where all current annual members are eligible to sign up. Participants in the Grass Roots Referral Program have the opportunity to earn credits based on other individuals utilizing their specific referral code. This referral code is provided to the participant which chooses to sign up, within 2-3 days, following their form submission being received from the Colton Woods Horsemanship team.

In order to ensure that your Grassroots Referral is counting towards your CWH Credits, the top of their checkout page must have the Annual Membership Terms Listed as: “Terms: $279.99 / Year with coupon (Your First Name)-(Your Last Name)-Grassroots-Referral-Program”
If your Grassroots Referral Code is not displayed in the Terms upon their checkout, CWH Credit will not be counted.

This program is not an endorsement or certificate program of any type. Colton Woods Horsemanship and the Colton Woods Horsemanship Video Library do not endorse, certify or otherwise guarantee any claims, actions, statements made or anything similar there to from the said participant.

At any time the Colton Woods Horsemanship team reserves the right to suspend and/or terminate a participant’s involvement in the Grass Roots Referral Program. Reasons to involve but not limited to:

False Advertising of the Colton Woods Horsemanship Video Library

Conduct not representative and/or in line with the values and brand of Colton Woods Horsemanship & Colton Woods Horsemanship Video Library

And any other reason which could possibly negatively impact the community, brand and business surrounding Colton Woods Horsemanship and/or Colton Woods Horsemanship Video Library Membership.

Referral credits are rewarded for first time sign up subscribers only. Credits will not be rewarded for anyone who utilizes a referral code during the renewal of their subscription or based on subscribers who had previously been a member, unsubscribed and resubscribed at a later date.