Live Call: 1/8/24

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Topic #1: Choosing the social media platforms that give you the most ROI on your time Do I have to use _____ social media? NO! In fact in the beginning, you’re better off to identify- I’m better at writing, video, audio and then choose a platform that compliments your preferred and best style of media. Or you may look at it from- what has the biggest potential ROI? Thats going to be video because of how the platforms are pushing video content. That doesn’t mean written content doesn’t have as much reach- I believe it just has to be that much better to get the attention which means if you’re good at writing you can rise to the top and cut through the noise. At the end of the day- It never does any good to spread yourself too thin. Writing- FB & IG Short Video- TT, IG, FB, YT Shorts Long Forum Video- YT primarily. Videos under 10min can be uploaded to FB, IG, & TT as well. Some of y’all are creating VIDEO offers like courses, memberships, etc. In those instances I highly encourage you to create a little more video content because it can familiarize your audience more with you and prime them for those offers. On Facebook specifically- Kathleen asked about using a personal versus professional business page. Can you build a following from your personal account- yes. Your settings will need to be very public and its not as easy for folks to follow you there so your audience capture rate won’t be as high. Doing this is a decision of saying ‘I’m just going to use this personal account as my business account’ which means you kinda give up the luxury of having a personal account that’s a bit separate from your business if you so desire. Using a business page can be beneficial as FB has made it easier for folks to follow pages as they need to keep up with growth of IG & TT. Using a biz page you get analytics and the ability to retarget audiences later if you choose to run ads. Downfall is the organic reach isn’t always great with biz pages which is why I recommend you share your content from your personal page as well. This is why I also recommend free Facebook groups offered as a lead magnet so you can corral your followers into a group, get email addresses and be able to reach them more consistently. Any questions on making those critical decisions on what platforms to focus on to get the best results you’re after in your own business? Topic #2: Standing out above the crowd Last week we discussed the impacts AI is having on consumer psychology - creating a lot of skepticism and distrust. And we discussed how we can use longer forum videos to help create deeper relationships with our audience to build stronger likeness and trust while also taking advantage of the massive opportunity to build [...]

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