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Live Call: 7/3/23

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Making Offers to Your Audience Using Social Media You’re booked out now (YAY!) but don’t let your audience go dry When times get busy, it’s easy to focus on taking care of your existing clients, students, and horses. There was a big demand for your expertise, and now it’s time to implement. BUT - don’t let this busy season pull your attention away from continuing to educate and nurture your prospective clients. We did an audit on everyone’s social media (FB) pages and noticed that everyone was doing a great job posting consistently (!!!) but were lacking CTAs about your specific services and offers. The other content is really really good! And it’s great that your current clients and students know what you do, but how are other prospective clients going to learn about your services if you aren’t telling them?! They’re following you, so they like your approach and share your values. Those posts are to build engagement and relationships - People want you to make offers bc they want to know how you can help them or if you can even help them at all. If you don’t tell them, they’ll make assumptions and excuses for you about why you’re not offering your services. Examples of making offers naturally in your content - > Highlight the struggles that someone is experiencing without your program > Highlight the results that they would get > Impromptu clips with natural mentions of your services > Case Studies > Testimonials > Humor > Social Media Stories (IG, FB, TT) > Photos or video clips of products and items that we get affiliate commission on > Adding CTA at the end - using the same clip or copy at the end to bring awareness to your offer

Live Call: 5/1/23

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* This video is audio only and starts mid-way through the training.  Full notes from the training are below. Using free webinars to build warm/hot leads for your paid services and how to automate the processes Goal: Hosting a weekly/monthly live webinar using the Perfect Webinar Framework that drives people to your paid services This can work for any paid service or product! Chose a topic that educates and gives you the opportunity to bring straight value to the attendees. You can run the same webinar weekly or change up the topics This sets up an opportunity to build know, like, and trust - people can get to know you and how you teach and communicate. There’s nothing out there that’s more powerful than spending a longer period of time with them in person or virtually. People can BS and fake it on 1-minute video but your audience can really get to see who you are during a long-form live webinar. This also gives you long form content that you can chop up and use for social media, you can also use the long form for YouTube videos, blog posts, or podcasts Have a plan for what you’re going to talk about! Do not get on there there and wing it! - it’ll be messy, rant-y, tooooo long, and confusing Perfect webinar framework: 1. Intro/Building Rapport - Set the tone of the call - get people involved/ask questions - Introduce yourself in a way that hits what is relevant for them to know about you - Introduce the mindset that they need to have to be successful 2. The One Thing - Shis is the focus of the call - why people showed up - what they want to learn 3. The Three Secrets - Your three point that help you teach the focus of the call 4. The Stack - You’ve given them as much as you can in this timeframe - This next opportunity gives you the chance to experience this at the next level - it’s a natural progression - there’s more to learn but we can’t cover it all here - If you’re ready, here’s what to do next! Its going to take a lot of repetition to get this going really well - you’re going to fumble through it but the more of them that you do, the better and more streamlined they’ll become How to automate the system: Step 1 - have an email marketing system Step 2 - create a recurring meeting link on Zoom to host your calls Step 3 - build a form to collect names and email addresses Step 4 - create a tag that’s linked to the form so that when people join you know why they came into your list Step 5 - write a message that has the call details (date, time, call link, excitement/reason they don’t want to miss it) Step 6 - put that message into an automation so that when the form [...]

Live Call: 4/10/23

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Topics Covered: How to set boundaries and stop making other people's priorities your responsibility How we Organize our To-Do Lists to stay on top of everything as best as possible How to decide what to do next when you have a full list of things that feel like they need to be done now How to set boundaries and stop making other people's priorities your responsibility  “Productive” looks differently at each stage of your life - give yourself grace if you are in a season that is less "productive" due to other obligations. Find a way to let go of your people-pleasing mindset and worrying about letting them down if you don’t do what they want you to do. Sometimes you have to prioritize yourself, your kids, and your animals and let everyone else fend for themselves If you’re not able to get YOUR list of needs and priorities met, you’re going to feel out of control and sporadic - Which over time leads to resentment. Sometimes getting ahead of this require a short-term grind - earlier mornings, later nights, more time at your computer. *But it’s NOT a long-term solution! What can you simplify or automate to make your obligations outside of work go more smoothly? Snacks / lunches / ingredient prep / freezer meals Household chores - robot vacuum, small load of laundry every day so it doesn’t pile up or outsource it, order groceries for pickup, develop an easy to follow filing system to keep the paper explosion from covering your workspace “If you made the changes that you’re avoiding, you’d have the life that you deserve.” - Mel Robbins Don’t delay achieving your goals bc of someone else’s priorities How to Organize your LIST of To-Do’s for Maximum Efficiency, Productivity and to not feel like your drowning! “Being organized isn’t about getting rid of everything you own or trying to become a different person: it’s about living the way you want to live, but better.” - Andrew Mellen 2 Key Factors can make us feel super STRESSED! Lack of Time Lack of Money Step #1- Write down everything you have to get done. Just get each thing written down. Step #2- Write down when the deadline is that the individual task must be done by. As business owners we oftentimes set our own deadlines. We use the time we HAVE not always the time something takes! Deadlines will tighten up your efficiency & productivity ONLY if you hold yourself accountable! So for example, if you get a training horse inquiry, you could say to yourself oh I got this one on Monday, I’ll just get back to them by the end of the week. Dont do that. Create a deadline within your system. So on your website/application you can include “We will be in touch with you within 1-2 business days of receiving your application.” This sets a deadline for any inquiries you get so that you’re upholding the commitment you’ve made when folks [...]

Live Call: 4/4/23

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Importance of Building an Exceptional Team Exceptional People are Exceptional, they are NOT the norm or the average. Things to consider when deciding to build a team: How big is your vision? How big are the goals and desires of the people you have or want to hire? Does their vision for their wants and desires fit within your vision? Your vision and plan HAS to be big enough to fit their wants, needs and desires within! Some people may just want to come to work, put their head down, do the job, collect a check and go home- we need those people! (Stall cleaners, accountants, etc). As entrepreneurs we may not “get” that mindset of not wanting more but those people still can play an important role in our businesses! This is so important when you are going to build a team (even when you can’t afford to pay them right away)! Attracting Top Talent- Lead by Example Audit your actions & what and how you’re communicating!    Remember: Like Attracts Like Ask yourself- “Am I 1000% committed to the success of my employees?”  Demand Greatness of Employees Upfront & Offer Something Great!  When discussing you can straight up address: “I know you’ve probably worked for quite a few folks, but (insert your advantage/differences). ***You’ll ALWAYS, I mean ALWAYS be better short staffed with GREAT People rather than stocked up on mediocre people!*** Important Rule of thumb when team building:If you should have one, you should have two! This breeds inter-company competition (breeds greatness) and is insurance incase one decides to leave! 4 Key Principles to keeping exceptional team members 1. Hard work is rewarded with Pay and Opportunities 2. Employee has to have opportunity to develop Personally & Professionally 3. Employees should feel part of the FAMILY! You need your business to feel like a family- people join people not organizations 4. Employee feels CALLED to a Mission of the company that MATTERS! (This means to attract the right people they have to know the mission you’re on!) 2 Hiring Models- AKA processes to find the RIGHT person(s) for your team! Traditional model is called ICE Intelligence (ability to follow instructions) College (degrees, certifications, other programs) Experience A much stronger model is called HEAT and this more successful integrates with core values. H- Hustle - Takes Initiative to get shit done E- Ethics - Background Checks, References, Social Media A- Attitude - Positivity T- Teachability - willingness to keep learning. What they read, watch, listen to.  Where to find your next team members?  Best place to start is in your current customer base or network! You can either find the actual person or get a referral from someone already in your ecosystem that would connect you to someone they think would be a great fit based on their experience with your business.  When interviewing potential team members- ask the real questions!  You need to get to know them. You need to know where their head is [...]

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